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View County Records, find out how large your home is, get plat maps and more click on link below.  What if my records are wrong and don't show additions or guest house living area?  You can amend them, just call me at 705-5194 and I am happy to help you amend the record.  Feel free to text me.

Permits for homes in the County but not in the City, click on link below

Planning records for homes in the County but not in the City, click below 

Ventura County Records, find out the size of your home or one you are interested in.

Permits for properties located in the City of Santa Barbara

Get copies of all the actual records on file for the city in the street file

 What you should know about property records in Santa Barbara.  The records for gross living area can be wrong.  The assessor's office uses prop 13 to assess the taxes, so it may have been years since they last went out.  When the records were transferred before they started using computerized sketches, they would only put the main building gross living area.  If they did major additions, they records will usually reflect all the living area, even if it is a room accessed by the exterior.  Agents will often just put what the assessor has, but this may be wrong and could cost you in the long run by making your house look smaller than it actually is.  If you want the assessor to give you actual data that is accurate, I can help with this process.  Income properties, Ranches, and other commercial properties will not show the details on their website.  A fax request can be obtained for the most accurate information.  Just call me, I am always here to help at 705-5194.  


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