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Appraiser Services

Appraisal Services for Tax/Probate Purposes including Cost Basis and Retroactive Appraisals.


Appraisal Services for Partnership Dissolution, Divorce, and Partial Interest valuations.


Appraisal Services for Lending Purposes; standard single family, condo, multiple family, reviews, high-end/complex properties, forensic appraisals, and loss mitigation.


Appraisal Valuation for the purposes of Eminent Domain; Caltrans approved, easements, rental studies, and valuation for acquisition/litigation purposes.


Call for rates regarding properties, because almost every situation is a unique one in Santa Barbara


 Architects, builders, and home owners: You can call me to perform an appraisal to find out how much a house will be worth before and after the project, as of today.  I have tons of experience with new construction, especially custom higher-end homes.  I often will do new construction for banks who want to know how much the property will be worth after the construction project.  I am highly knowledgeable about materials, the latest styles, and green building features. Don't be surprised if there is some entrepreneurial profit.  Don't take a chance, know what you are getting into before you spend the money.  The largest scale new construction performed by myself was close to 5 million dollars, without the land/view value.


 What do I need to do to get ready for an appraisal for a bank loan?  You want the utilities on, you want at least one usable bathroom, a functional kitchen, and a carbon monoxide detector.  Do I need to have the house spotless?  No, I can see past any mess and most of us are much harder on ourselves.  We are human and have a life to live, appraisers value a house as it is is vacant, this includes the dust.  I see it all and nothing bothers me.


What specific requirements does an FHA or VA loan have?  The appraiser will check for leaks, water pressure, hot water, in the basement for moisture, turn on the heat, check for signs of infestation in the attic, check outlets, and any other health and safety hazards.


Who can see my appraisal?  Only you bank affiliates, or those you authorize.  While Fannie Mae does data mine sales to check for appraiser consistency, the assessor has no access to this information and even if they did, they could not raise your taxes unless you improved it and got a building permit.  Even then, they would only raise it by the amount it is improved.



Do appraisers value a home that is a refinance versus a purchase?  While I cannot speak for other appraisers, the valuation of your home is too critical to not try to be as accurate and careful as possible.  Rest assured, you will get a good appraisal from me.  I know quality, materials, and the value of views.  I also have an extensive background in art and antiques.  There are some homes that are built by certain builders such as George Washington Smith and Maria Lutah Riggs, these homes can bring a significant premium and there needs to be an adjustment for these works of art.

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